We focus on the most impacted families and the disparities that follow them.


The school to prison pipeline is dehumanizing communities across the state and must be addressed as a statewide system.



Ending the school to prison pipeline requires political vision beyond campaigns.

Police Free Schools Toolkit

The Police-Free Schools Toolkit, created by Dignity in Schools-California and Organizing Roots, aims to remove police from schools. It shares resources and lessons learned from successful California campaigns to transform school discipline and racialized policing. The toolkit includes sections on defining the issue, organizing, policy advocacy, implementation, research, and communications. (Click here to access the Toolkit.)

Statewide Policy Framework

We have seen too often that attempts to restrict the use of state funding for school police are easy to evade and difficult to enforce. Districts simply shift from relying on state dollars to relying on local revenue sources to fund school police. The net result is that police remain, and essential services are often crowded out. Read more about our Statewide Policy Framework.

DSC CA Member Victories And Ongoing Fights

2020 was monumental for DSC CA. Our dedicated movement building led to groundbreaking progress in removing police from schools across the state. Armed with a unified vision and transformative strategy, we achieved remarkable victories in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd.  >>Read more.

Parent Organizers

Our Parent Organizing work builds on the collective movement building power of parents of marginalized communities whose children are most impacted by disproportionate punitive discipline practices. Together we are organizing parents across the state, reclaiming our parent power, and creating spaces that strengthen local and regional parent organizing and creates political solidarity. Parent Organizing is a critical driver of DSC CA’s work leading the direction to advocate for healthier school climates and end the criminalization of young people in our schools.


Strategic Action Academy

The DSC CA Strategic Action Academy allows us to reflect on our work, have important conversations about grassroots organizing, and strengthen our collective efforts. We aim to end the school-to-prison pipeline through regional grassroots initiatives, exemplifying leadership through local base building and impactful campaigns. This process is crucial for building collective political leadership and pushing the boundaries of the movement forward.


Black Organizing

DSC CA is committed to centering Black-led organizing and addressing the pushout and the punishment of Black children in our schools. Rooted in a vision of Black liberation, DSC CA is anchored by grassroots organizations accountable to Black parents and youth. It fosters connections and support for Black-led organizations and organizers, celebrating Black organizing practices and hopes to continue to strengthen Black Organizing movement to end the school-to-prison pipeline.


Regional Movement Building

The Dignity in Schools Campaign California works towards achieving dignity and justice for all students in California’s educational system. We strive to address the harmful practices that perpetuate the school-to-prison pipeline, advocating for positive alternatives that prioritize students’ well-being, safety, and success. Our collaborative efforts with students, parents, educators, and community organizers envision a future where every student is treated with respect, receives quality education, and has equal opportunities to thrive. Together, we are creating a more inclusive and equitable educational system in California.

Healing-Centered Movement Building

Our movement is dedicated to healing justice work and restorative justice practices. We use circles, ceremonies, and indigenous traditions to reclaim our cultural heritage as part of our resistance and organizing practice. Our efforts have successfully introduced restorative justice practices in schools, jails, detention centers, and communities. Our collective demands include ending the school-to-prison pipeline, eliminating punitive practices in schools, removing police from schools, and shutting down juvenile halls. Together, we create transformative healing practices that bring genuine change to schools and societies.

Latest News and Events

DSC CA Member Victories And Ongoing Fights

DSC CA Member Victories And Ongoing Fights

2020 has been a watershed year for DSC CA. Our last three years of diligent movement building has resulted in a transformative approach to removing police from schools all around the state. Coupled with a statewide identity and cohesive theory of change, we met the...

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