2019 National Week of Action October 19-27, 2019

Dignity in Schools Campaign - California is pleased to announce our participation in the 10th Annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout.

During the week of Saturday October 19 to Sunday, October 27th, our DSC CA partners will be hosting local events around issues of redefining school safety, restorative practices, the school-to-prison pipeline, and removing student resource officers (SROs) off school campuses.

Black Organizing Project, Coleman Advocates, and Legal Services for Children out of the Bay Area; Building Healthy Communities SalinasMILPA and Youth Alliance from the Central Coast region; Tower of YouthBlack Parallel School BoardDolores Huerta FoundationFathers and Family of San Joaquin, and Fresno Barrios Undiosfrom Central Valley region, Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) of Inland Valley, and out of Los Angeles, the Community Asset Development Re-defining Education (CADRE) and Public Counsel

In addition to our week of activities, DSC CA and its partners are standing in solidarity with the Black Organizing Project (BOP), and their 2020 goal to get police out of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), and to end the criminalization of Black and Brown students in OUSD and across the nation. 

BOP and DSC CA advocate investing in alternative models of school safety that do not rely on police who serve to criminalize Black and Brown students.

If you’re an educator we invite you to sign BOP’s Sanctuary Pledge which calls for educators not to call cops on students, and not to call ICE or Homeland Security on any children. If you are in solidarity with BOP, you can sign the pledge here.

Also during the Week of Action, BOP will share solidarity videos on their social media pages. Follow BOP on Facebook and Instagram

Bay Area

10/19 | 5pm 

SF District Candidates Forum

Coleman Advocates will host a candidates forum for the San Francisco Nov 6th District Attorney election, focused on youth issues. Contact Kevine Boggess kboggess@colemanadvocates.org

Central Coast

10/21 | 5pm
Ending the School To Prison Pipeline

Building Healthy Communities East Salinas will do a presentation on education equity and ending the school-to-prison pipeline. Contact Laura Tiajero laurabhc@actioncouncil.org

10/22 | 5pm
Sanando Niños Educando Nuestros Padres

Youth Alliance will host a Parent Forum focusing on a planning session for keeping SROs off campus and focusing on how counseling and healing approaches in schools can break the cycle of incarceration and raise up students of color. Contact Jeanette@youthall.org | Youthall.org | Twitter: @youth4alliance | Facebook: Youth Alliance

10/22 | 5pm

Healthy Education Environment Forum

Youth Alliance will host a community forum about the school-to-prison pipeline, including providing data about the local school suspension rates. Our Parent Alliance group will perform a play to model the effects of trauma in the household for students. The forum will include discussion groups and Q&A. Contact Jeanette@youthall.org | Youthall.org | Twitter: @youth4alliance | Facebook: Youth Alliance

10/24 | 6pm
Redefining a Healthy Education Environment 

Building Healthy Communities will host an event for Seaside youth to tell their stories about how SRO's have impacted them. The event will also include a presentation on the school to prison pipeline. Contact: Rosalyn Green 831-901-9180 rosalynbhc@actioncouncil.org 


10/19 School Freedom Party!

The Fresno EdJustice Coalition will host a School Freedom Party for youth and allies to come together to learn more about the School to Prison Pipeline, student rights, and redefining safety in Fresno. The event will include activities, art, and an EdJustice Gallery Walk. Contact Carrie L. Ayala, 209-286-7564, cvmbconnector@gmail.com


Redefining School Safety- Social Media Campaign

CVMB partner organizations (Fresno Barrios Unidos, Dolores Huerta Foundation, Black Parallel School Board, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin) will host online video presentations that highlight teachers, parents, and students sharing their thoughts on school safety, student resource officers, and school climate, and the efforts to change the narrative about school safety in Central Valley schools.

Facebook: centralvalleymovementbuilding | info@cvmb.org

10/23 | 4pm

Restorative Justice Collaborative Meeting

The Black Parallel School Board will show the Central Valley and BOP Solidarity Week of Action videos, followed by a presentation by principal Jim Peterson of Burbank High School. Jim will talk about the implementation of a restorative justice program at his school. That presentation will be followed by a Q&A. Contact Carl Pinkston, info@blackparallelschoolboard.com


10/19 | 11:30am

Proliferation of Prisons: Putting Faces to the Effects of Prison Culture in the Inland Impire

COPE (Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement) will host a Proliferation of Prisons art show that will humanize the effects of imprisonment by putting faces to data we know all too well, while shedding light on the hope for the future. Whether you want to learn, discuss or join the movements for criminal justice reform in the Inland Empire, the Proliferation of Prisons will be an experience that drives home the effects of this culture on our schools, churches and communities. Contact: Jewel Patterson (909) 333-5763 Jpatterson@copesite.org | Twitter: @COPE2000 | Facebook: Cope2000



Class observations- Monitoring SWPBIS

CADRE (Community Asset Development Redefining Education): Fifteen new cadre parents and core leaders will participate in thirty class room observations in Los Angeles Unified School District schools. Participants will  monitor the district's school-wide positive behavior discipline foundation policy.

Contact: Edgar Ibarria 310-704-9776 | Face: CADRE | Twitter: @CADREparents